(Formerly known as the Fort Town Night Run's Annual Charity Raffle)

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The Greater Fort Town Area Charity runs the Annual Charity Raffle to raise funds to support its purposes and programs. For more information, please visit the charity's website at www.gftacharity.com.

The 2018 Annual Charity Raffle is at an end.
Please join us at the Fort Town Night Run. To register, please click on our postcard or visit

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The draw was completed on October 26, 2018 on Coast 107.9FM.
For our Facebook videos, please go to the following URL links:

We would like to thank our sponsors, our trustees, our volunteers, and everyone that purchased a ticket.

Tickets Sold: 4312
Total Amount from Ticket Sales:
Total Amount given to Qualified Donees (local Scouting groups, Scouts Canada):
Total Amount with donations: $8512.99

2018 Prizes Packages and Winners are:
Family Package (worth $930): Wendy from Kemptville
Romantic Package (worth $445): Diane from Cornwall
Mystery Package (worth $537.40): Phil from Greely

A grand total of
$1912.40 of generous prizes from our sponsors.

Lottery Licence #M701623

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